H2O-scapes — Sylvie Leblanc

H2O-scapes by Sylvie Leblanc are photographic studies of the sky and the water, created between 2009 and 2023 in La Malbaie, Canada. All fifty-seven photographs were taken from the same location and depict the various physical states of the water in and above the Saint Lawrence River. Sometimes the landscape is entirely shrouded in fog without any visible horizon line; sometimes the outlines of islands are visible. Dramatic cloud formations, drifting ice floes or soft waves: Leblanc's landscape remains the same and yet is presented in a multitude of different ways. Her photographs transform the dynamic play of the water molecules into a moment of stillness—and a space for dreams and contemplation.

November 2023

ISBN 978-3-7356-0959-5

27 × 22,5 cm

88 pages

57 colored illustrations


Languages: German, English

Sylvie Leblanc, Bettina Secker

Text by
Sylvie Leblanc, Wibke von Bonin

Design by
Hannah Feldmeier, Leipzig