Works — Jeffrey Silverthorne

This book accompanies the first retrospective survey of this American artist. For 45 years, Jeffrey Silverthorne has been working steadily on an extensive body of work. With a background in the Fine Arts and the American photographic tradition, Harry Callahan and Edward Weston, Silverthorne developed a photographic oeuvre that moves and balances between personal experiences, public spaces of presentation, and staged scenes. The disguised body is omnipresent. Masks hide and reveal a fascination for role playing. In Silverthorne's work the transsexual, like all borderlands of consequence, becomes an ultimate symbol of boundaries blurred. Yet this body, open to all pleasures, is also marked and measured by wounds and scars. Jeffrey Silverthorne's work is a contemporary answer to the ancient quests of vanity. The exhibition not only shows an overview of the artist's diverse visual languages, but also a wide range of unseen series.

19 x 24 cm
264 pages
Dutch, English, French
ISBN 978-3-86828-533-82014
Texts: François Cheval, Joachim Naudts, Jeffrey Silverthorne
Published by Kehrer

Design in collaboration with Anja Aronska