Now Is the Time — Kiki Kogelnik

First extensive monograph on Kiki Kogelnik, a real must-have about one of the most important Austrian born female Pop Art artists

Kiki Kogelnik (1935–1997) is one of the most important Austrian born artists of the 20th century, who lived and worked on an international level. She is considered the only Austrian protagonist of Pop Art, although her art goes far beyond this categorization. Kogelnik’s playful, colorful, and highly political work ranges from paintings, drawings, ceramics and installations to performative practices, and has an astonishing topicality in terms of its subject matter. Already in the early 1960s, she addressed topics such as gender equality, medical ethics, the digital era or a sustainable lifestyle in her art—questions that are highly present in today’s daily discourses.

22,5 × 29,5 cm
280 pages
173 color illustrations
English and German Edition
Published by Kehrer Verlag

Artist: Kiki Kogelnik

Editor: Ingried Brugger, Lisa Ortner-Kreil

Texts: Sylvie Fleury, Flavia Frigeri, Cathérine Hug, Marie Laurberg, Lisa Ortner-Kreil, Mai-Thu Perret, Birgitte Thorsen Vilslev

Design: Hannah Feldmeier