betweenness — Lili Almog

Betweenness, the fourth and most recent publication by Lili Almog, took its inspiration from the veiling practices of an extremist Jewish religious sect. By shifting the setting of the veil from its expected placement in Islamic traditions, Lili Almog’s artistic rendering of veiled women highlights the commonality and complexity of the female condition. Delivering an unprecedented portrayal of the symbol of head covering, she raises questions about freedom and faith and how those truths can coexist in modernity. Without imposing judgment, Almog’s illustration invites the viewer to interrogate how self-presentation affects their position and power.
Israeli born photo and mixed media artist Lili Almog (b. 1961, Tel Aviv) is renowned for her intimate spiritual portraits of women’s cultural identities around the world.

22,1 x 27,9 cm
144 pages
102 color illustrations
ISBN 978-3-96900-058-8

Lili Almog

Jean Dykstra, Vered Tohar

Hannah Feldmeier, Lili Almog

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