Sinomocene — Davide Monteleone

“Sinomocene“ by Davide Monteleone is a data-driven investigation that takes its cue from the documentation of the Chinese initiative known as "Belt and Road" to investigate more widely on issues of new forms of colonialism, globalisation and relation between Powers and individuals.

The work focuses on the social and environmental impact of large movements of money capital linked to geopolitical strategies at the global and local levels. Announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, BRI is a 1 trillion USD investment to lay the foundations for long-term economic growth across developing economies.

The book is the result of 8 years of work and contains texts by Ai Weiwei, Viraj Parikh, Miriam Zlobinski.

By the way – the longest cover I ever made :-)

Pages: 3 books: 32 + 102 + 32 pages
Edition: 250 copies
Dimensions: 22 x 27 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 9791280830098
Publisher: Artphilein
Design: Hannah Feldmeier